Community Impact Training for Transforming Lives

Empower yourself with the knowledge and understanding needed to revolutionize not just individual lives, but entire communities.

Learn how to take the next steps in transforming lives and reshaping communities — the places where people live, work, and nurture their families.

Get ready to be a catalyst for change and the architect of social impact that paves the way for a brighter future.


Master the Art of Community Impact!

The Power of Connect — Transform Lives and Communities

FREE eBook from Michael H. Simon — Community Impact Specialist

See how communities are discovering the power of connect — a promising approach to tackling social challenges like poverty, hunger, health disparities, and more.

Communities are learning how to work together more efficiently and effectively to create coordinated care networks that help people thrive not just survive.

Connectivity is proving to be a best practice for reducing duplication, increasing resourcefulness, and providing holistic care to individuals and families.
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Transform Lives & Communities

Watch this 10-minute video as how community stakeholders, across the country, are embarking on an exhilarating journey that promises to revolutionize lives in ways never before imagined!

Every step of this extraordinary adventure is meticulously designed with transformative processes that drive peak effectiveness and ensure tangible groundbreaking results.

This path leads us to the pinnacle of potential and a realm of endless possibilities, magnifying their collective caring power and collaborative commitment to community impact.
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8 Steps that will help transform lives and your community

Community Impact Video Training Series

Unleash the transformative force of collective action. Explore innovative strategies to transform lives and communities, overcoming intricate social obstacles. Enjoy our comprehensive, step-by-step guide to enacting meaningful change in your community.
Community Impact Training

Introduction — Part 1

We address significant challenges that communities are confronting nationwide. It's becoming increasingly clear that churches and nonprofits struggle to combat poverty and hunger.
Community Impact Training

Introduction — Part 2

Embark on an extraordinary, unparalleled adventure that holds immense hope and promise, unlocking the vast, untapped potential of your community and revealing boundless possibilities!
Community Impact Training

Prepare Yourself for the Journey — Step 1, Part 1

Community stakeholders are genuinely eager to create positive change, yet they often grapple with doubts about their involvement – pondering the time and effort necessary to be impactful and achieve success.
Community Impact Training

Prepare Yourself for the Journey — Step 1, Part 2

Transformation is an integral part of our existence. It influences the way we think and act. And it can influence our capacity to expand in knowledge, comprehension, and character.
Community Impact Training

Prepare Yourself for the Journey — Step 1, Part 3

As we reach this stage in our training, I trust that you've developed a deeper insight into the concept of 'helping others' from the perspective of individuals and families.
Community Impact Training

Prepare Yourself for the Journey — Step 1, Part 4

Communities are struggling. It's becoming increasingly clear that lasting solutions will be achievable only if the entire community participates and contributes.
Community Impact Training

Invite Others to Travel with You — Step 2, Part 1

Learn how to cast a clear, concise, and compelling vision for a comprehensive approach to transforming people's lives. Combine your strengths, including your knowledge, expertise, and resources.
Community Impact Training

Invite Others to Travel with You — Step 2, Part 2

Gain a better understanding of how to get people to connect, engage in meaningful conversations, and work together. Caring Power is the “secret sauce” for creating a strong civic culture in communities.
Community Impact Training

Set Up Your First Basecamp — Step 3

Embark on an exhilarating journey to your first base camp, a dynamic hub where various helping agencies unite in a groundbreaking decision to connect, exchange wisdom, and enhance their resourcefulness.
Community Impact Training

Experiencing the Value of Working Together — Step 4

We will explore how increased cooperation among community stakeholders can pave the way for a commonly shared mission aligned for collective impact.
Community Impact Training

Set Up More Basecamps Along the Way — Step 5

Discover how to launch and maintain your Care Collaborative. Imagine a dynamic alliance of influential leaders across various sectors, all rallying together to champion a cause that reshapes the community.
Community Impact Training

Bridge the Gaps that Advance Forward Progress — Step 6

Uncover the "Top 10 Gaps" that are hindering forward progress, and learn the secrets to bridging these chasms with finesse. Avoid the gaps that undermine your community's impact.
Community Impact Training

Map Out a Successful Path to the Summit — Step 7

Discover new and exciting breakthroughs in networking technology, collaboration, and systemic change now make it possible to "move the needle" on complex community challenges.
Community Impact Training

Create Wide Pathways for Many Explorers to Travel — Step 8

Here's where the excitement builds: the leap from isolated efforts to impactful, large-scale social change, though daunting, is now within reach!

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