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Collaboration & Community Impact

Poverty is complex! And it takes a diverse, committed, and informed group of citizens--from community leaders to neighbors-- to make a community-wide impact. These resources introduce steps, models, tools and tips for building strong networks of care within local communities.

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food banks & Pantries

Learn the latest trends in technology, building-capacity, reporting and more. Resources in this category feature innovations in collaboration, CSFP, SNAP, and more.

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People can say they care, but it means nothing until they prove it. There are thousands upon thousands of charitable nonprofits proving they care about the well-being of people in their local communities every day. These resources share stories of how they do it, day in and day out, as make a positive difference people's lives and transform their communities.

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Inspired by their convictions and trough communication and coordination, faith communities are reducing duplication of services and taking proactive approaches to fighting poverty. Resources in this category show you how congregations and faith collaborations are creating sustainable, restorative solutions for families.

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