Community Impact Network Empowered by Cross-Sector Collaboration

Our journey commenced in 2006, with a compact, dynamic squad of visionaries fueled by boundless aspirations and dreams. Each of us, armed with unique abilities and talents, united with a singular, fervent mission — to make a significant, positive impact in the world.

We never anticipated that a powerful hurricane would dramatically alter our company's path and our lives. It was during this period that "necessity became the mother of invention."

our  journey

How It Started

Hurricane Katrina
In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina, a colossal storm, struck the Gulf Coast. In its wake, hundreds of families, uprooted and distressed, sought sanctuary in Florence, Alabama, and nearby regions.

A wave of support surged from organizations like the United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army, and local churches, each rushing to aid these families. Resources flowed generously, yet a timeless challenge quickly surfaced: a lack of coordination.

The proverbial "right hand" was unaware of the "left hand's" actions, leading to confusion amidst the fervor of support

A New Solution Was Needed

In the wake of Katrina's devastation, community leaders united in a pivotal meeting. Driven by a shared sense of urgency and a dissatisfaction with the scattered impact and disjointed care efforts, they recognized the pressing need for a streamlined, cost-effective solution. This solution would enhance communication and collaboration, fundamentally transforming their approach to disaster response.

Their ambition was clear: to eliminate the inefficient overlap of resources and efforts, and to establish a system of reliable, shared data. This data would empower them to make smarter decisions about distributing scarce resources where they were most critically needed.

Driven by a shared vision, they dedicated themselves to more than just survival aid. They aimed to unite, forming a cohesive community, not solely to offer temporary relief, but to create pathways toward a better quality of life and a hopeful, prosperous future for those impacted, through collaborative solutions for their communities.

S.E.A.N.Tracker — The Original

In October 2006, a momentous collaboration unfolded when community leaders in Northwest Alabama approached us at Simon Solutions, seeking an intuitive, web-based tool that would resonate with all helping agencies in our area. Together, we embarked on an innovative journey toward community impact, giving birth to the Shoals Emergency Assistance Network, affectionately called S.E.A.N.Tracker.

This groundbreaking care network emerged as a secure, centralized hub for information exchange and interactive communication, creating greater community impact. It revolutionized how helping agencies could swiftly locate and deploy resources for those in need and do it all in real-time.

Today, this Care Network boasts 94 multi-sector partners and extends its compassionate reach across multiple counties in Northwest Alabama, embodying a beacon of hope and efficiency in community assistance.

Good News Travels Fast

In the early months of 2007, the remarkable story of S.E.A.N.Tracker began to ripple throughout Alabama, capturing widespread attention and admiration. Tina Scott, the United Way Director, found herself inundated with calls from various communities, all eager to learn about our breakthrough in unifying helping agencies. The buzz around our success was accelerating.

Fast forward to today, and the S.E.A.N. Tracker model has become a cornerstone of care networking, now active in an impressive 60% of Alabama counties. This network of staff and volunteers has been a catalyst for nearly two million acts of compassion and assistance.

The evolution of S.E.A.N. Tracker didn't stop there. It transformed into a more advanced tool, fostering enhanced communication, cooperation, and collaboration among aid organizations. Embracing this growth, we rebranded this powerful solution as CharityTracker, a name that encapsulates its mission and impact.
Alabama Care Networks

Local Solution Goes Nationwide

Now in over 2,500 U.S. cities in 49 states.
What began as a local initiative for care networking has skyrocketed into a global phenomenon, now thriving in over 2,500 American cities across 49 states. This groundbreaking solution is even making waves internationally, reaching South America, Australia, and beyond.

Our community impact is monumental – over 20.8 million lives have been touched by Care Networks. We're not just counting numbers; we're witnessing a tidal wave of over 103 million charitable acts of kindness and care. Moreover, we're tracking an astounding investment of over $1.9 billion into improving people's lives.

These Care Networks aren't just about aid; they're about efficiency and effectiveness. Communities are witnessing up to a 91% reduction in duplicated efforts. Helping agencies are becoming powerhouses of resourcefulness, reaching more people than ever before. It's not just a network; it's a revolution in compassion and care.