advancing a more networked, collaborative, and comprehensive approach to transforming lives and communities

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for complex community challenges?

Our innovative tools help organizations more effectively address COVID-19 challenges

See how this is working in Charleston, South Carolina

SafetyNet CharityTracker Network

Charleston, SC — launched 2009

  • 300+ Multi-sector Partners
  • 900+ Caregivers
  • 152,955 People Served
  • 916,014 Acts of Kindness and Care
  • $14,010,702 Community Dollars Invested into People's Lives

We help communities "connect the dots"

making it faster and easier for them to find, align, and collectively coordinate their local resources in more powerful and productive ways

At work in over 2,000 cities in 49 states, our collective community impact solutions increase communication and cooperation among all helping agencies — including charities, churches, schools, food banks, hospitals, government, funders, and more.

Helping agencies use our low-cost and simple-to-use tools to build well-connected and resourceful Care Networks. These make it easier and mutually-beneficial for all agencies to work together more efficiently and effectively, make cross-sector collaboration simpler, and accurately measure impact — discovering what works, and what doesn't.

Our Community Impact Specialists can help you develop lasting solutions for constantly changing and complex challenges — poverty, hunger, health disparities, and more.
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Now it's possible for communities to develop comprehensive coordinated care — a collaborative and streamlined referral solution for transforming the lives of children, adults, and families.

See how this is progressing in one of many communities across the country.

Resourceful Care Networking

Value & Benefits

Individuals & Families

Now, all children, adults, and families can gain greater access to constantly updated information and resources that can help them experience a better quality of life and brighter future.

Helping Agencies

Now, all agencies can gain greater peace of mind knowing that their unique mission is part and parcel of a more coordinated and comprehensive (holistic) solution for transforming people's lives.


Now, all funders (donors, foundations, businesses, and others) can gain greater assurance that the right resources, get into the right hands, at the right time.


Now, all civic stakeholders can gain greater "community intelligence" through knowledge-sharing and collective wisdom — paving the way for cross-sector collaboration and lasting solutions.

People, organizations, and institutions are learning how to align their unique strengths and collectively tackle tough community challenges (poverty, hunger, health disparities, and more) with greater impact and success.

Working together, they are better able to strengthen their social safety net, reduce duplication by as much as 91%, and create an effective referral system that "keeps people from falling through the cracks."

Results are remarkable; and oftentimes, revolutionary!


are better served
  • Build a Stronger & Broader Safety Net
  • Find & Mobilize Resource in Real-time
  • Keep Track of Assistance & Referrals


are better informed
  • Coordinate Care & Measure Results
  • Reduce Duplication of Effort
  • Satisfy Donors & Increase Funding


are better engaged
  • Increase Communication & Cooperation
  • Encourage Cross-sector Collaboration
  • Improve Outcomes & Collective Impact

Proven Solutions

Trusted by Thousands of Helping Agencies Across the Country





Social Services


Food Banks


Kind words from our partners...

When life restoration is our vision for a world of human brokenness, we absolutely must collaborate. All of us lose when agencies and communities of faith react to these needs in isolation. CharityTracker provides our three-county network a simple, yet solid communications platform for response that makes the most of our resources to strengthen our communities as we strengthen the lives of our neighbors whom we serve.

Cathy Easley

Associate Vice President of Community Impact
Trident United Way
Charleston, SC

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Our solutions are proving to be CATALYSTS 
that jump-start and accelerate systemic change



mutually beneficial exchange
of knowledge and experience
Helping Agencies are
better connected,
informed, and engaged.



commonly shared mission
aligned for greater impact
Helping Agencies learn
to value and respect
each other more.



synergistic creation of best
practices and lasting solutions
Helping Agencies co-create
things that they cannot do
apart from each other.
You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
R. Buckminster Fuller
American Engineer, Architect, and Futurist

Our National Stats

Number of Cities Using SSI Solutions
Number of People Served
13 Million
Average Annual Savings to Budgets
53 Million
Duplication  Reduced As Much As
$1 Billion
Community Dollars Contributed
Number of Charitable Acts

Kind words from our advocates...

Simon Solutions is doing something that no one in America is doing; that is, they have discovered a simple way to get churches, nonprofits, and government agencies to work together at grassroots levels.

Terri Hasdorff

Former Director Whitehouse Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives
U.S. Aid Department
Washington, DC


to help communities maximize
their collective caring power

Having a network has led us to bigger conversations on ways to work together. Agencies are reaching out to one another.
— Terra Lamb, Community Outreach Coordinator, Ozark Good Harvest


to see people's lives and
their communities transformed

I think the tools Simon Solutions develops are an integral part of any non-profit who is serious about making a positive impact on their clients.
— Charlie Ball, Executive Director, Ozark Friendship Place, Inc.

Helping people thrive — not just survive

Our solutions are designed to transform community "helping systems" — making them more efficient and effective. Working together, helping agencies are better able to do more than just help people get by; but instead, help them get ahead to a better quality of life and brighter future. Agencies believe that tracking people's progress from crisis to sustainability is important and clearly shows what works, and what doesn't. Agencies are grateful that our solutions focus on tracking transformation — not just tragedy.

The Simon Solutions Team

Our Values







Helping Agencies use our community impact solutions to advance a more networked, collaborative, and comprehensive approach
to transforming lives and their communities.