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The Power of Connect — Transform Lives and Communities

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See how communities are discovering the power of connect — a promising approach to tackling social challenges like poverty, hunger, health disparities, and more.

Communities are learning how to work together more efficiently and effectively to create coordinated care networks that help people thrive not just survive.

Connectivity is proving to be a best practice for reducing duplication, increasing resourcefulness, and providing holistic care to individuals and families.

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Proven, Practical, & Measurable Results

Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

Now, all children, adults, and families gain greater access to constantly updated information and resources that can help them experience a better quality of life and brighter future.

Helping  Agencies

Helping Agencies

Now, all agencies gain greater peace of mind knowing that their unique mission is part and parcel of a more coordinated and comprehensive (holistic) solution for transforming people's lives.



Now, all funders (donors, foundations, businesses, and others) gain greater assurance that the right resources, get into the right hands, at the right time.



Now, all civic stakeholders gain greater community intelligence through knowledge-sharing and collective wisdom, paving the way for collective community impact.

National Evidenced-Based Results

cities servedpeople serveddollars investedreduced duplicationannual saving
Cities Using
Our Solutions
Number of
People Served
Number of
Care Networks
Community Dollars Contributed
Duplication Reduced
As Much As
Average Annual
Savings to Budgets
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Now it's possible to "move the needle" on poverty, hunger, health disparities, and other complex challenges.

New breakthroughs in innovative networking technology, increased cooperation, and cross-sector collaboration now make it possible for communities to develop an authentic and life-changing continuum of comprehensive coordinated care.

This includes customized assessments and practical goals that are tailored to each person's unique needs, hopes, and dreams. All assistance, referrals, and outcomes are collectively empowered and monitored by a diverse group of helping agencies. This makes it easier for stakeholders to track a person's forward progress in real-time.

The result is a customize action plan that places people, and the helping agencies that serve them, on a pathway to successful outcomes and impact.
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Pathway to Success — community empowered

We are exciting that communities are learning how to engage in transformative processes that reach the summit of potential and possibilities. Along the way, community stakeholders are learning how to discover, develop, and deploy innovative solutions that help individuals and families thrive, and not just survive.

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