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to complex community challenges?

The challenges of preventing and alleviating poverty are complex. Communities across the country face enormous present and future challenges, but there is hope!

For over a decade, our community impact solutions have proven to help communities learn how to increase cooperation among all of their helping agencies, make multi-sector collaboration simpler, and measure outcomes and impact.

Today, thousands of helping agencies — including nonprofits, churches, schools, healthcare providers, and government use our low-cost, simple-to-use tools to connect and better serve their communities, together. 

Now supported by well-connected Care Networks, individuals and families have a chance to live healthier, more productive and meaningful lives.

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Our Community Impact Specialists can show you how care networking technology and capacity-building resources can be tailored to your unique needs and mission. Plus, we can make it easier for you to measure results at individual, organization, and community levels of engagement — all in real-time!

Results are Amazing!


are better served
  • Build a Stronger & Broader Safety Net
  • Find & Mobilize Resource in Real-time
  • Keep Track of Assistance & Referrals


are better informed
  • Coordinate Care & Measure Results
  • Reduce Duplication of Effort
  • Satisfy Donors & Increase Funding


are better engaged
  • Increase Communication & Cooperation
  • Encourage Multi-sector Collaboration
  • Improve Outcomes & Collective Impact

Our National Stats

Number of Cities Using SSI Solutions
Number of People Served
7.6 million
Number of Charitable Acts
26.4 million
Community Dollars Contributed
$496 million
Duplication  Reduced As Much As
Average Annual Savings to Budgets
Simon Solutions is doing something that no one in America is doing; that is, they have discovered a simple way to get churches, nonprofits, and government agencies to work together at grassroots levels.
— Terri Hasdorff, Former Director Whitehouse Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives, U.S. Aid Department, Washington, DC


to help communities maximize
their collective caring power

Having a network has led us to bigger conversations on ways to work together. Agencies are reaching out to one another.
— Terra Lamb, Community Outreach Coordinator, Ozark Good Harvest


to see people's lives and
their communities transformed

I think the tools Simon Solutions develops are an integral part of any non-profit who is serious about making a positive impact on their clients.
— Charlie Ball, Executive Director, Ozark Friendship Place, Inc.

About Us

We're Here to Help

At Simon Solutions, we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to thrive physically, emotionally, educationally, financially, socially and spiritually.  And, local communities should have the resources and skills necessary to help people achieve stability and success — if those resources are used wisely, creatively and collaboratively.

It is an honor and privilege to serve staff and volunteers of helping agencies across the country as they aide individuals and families experience a better quality of life and brighter future.

We know the work is hard.

Most helping agencies struggle to maintain a constant flow of resources to sustain and advance their missions. Most cannot keep pace with the increased demand for services, forcing them to do more…with less. Also, people's needs are becoming more complex and beyond the scope of most agencies; which oftentimes, are vastly disconnected and don't talk to each other.

Resource gaps can result in children, youth and adults going without access to effective and transformational programs and services. Through our collaborative work with poverty experts and practitioners, we strive to change all that. We hope to reduce the complexity of helping those in need by making it easier and more effective for any person, group, or organization to do their part in preventing and alleviating poverty — in all of its forms.

Care Networking Makes the Difference

We provide more efficient and effective ways for agencies to keep track of the people and families they serve while connecting agencies with one another. By creating community-wide systems of referrals, communication and case-management, helping agencies are able to better coordinate resources, because they are doing their work together, COLLECTIVELY making an impact.

Care Networking holds great promise for transforming community-wide "helping systems" from a social service to a social change model with lasting results. Now, results can be easily measured.

Social SERVICE Model

Social CHANGE Model

Technology & Capacity Building

Through simple, secure web applications, called CharityTracker and Oasis Insight, multiple helping agencies are able to:

  • connect and coordinate, saving time and money by reducing duplication of efforts.
  • share data and case management, while maintaining autonomy and various levels of privacy.
  • produce agency and community-wide reports to increase their funding and measure results.
  • track a person's progress in moving from crisis to sustainability.

Through capacity-building resources, such as Webinars and Case Studies, we advance community collaboration and transformation across the United States. We connect innovative leaders to one another to:

  • share best practices.
  • teach new uses of technology, data and reporting.
  • introduce new models of empowerment leading to individual and community transformation.
Our simple-to-use, cost-effective tools increase communication and cooperation among all helping agencies. 
This makes it easier for them to work together more efficiently and effectively to address complex community challenges including:
  • Combat poverty, hunger, and homelessness
  • Improve community health
  • Stop human trafficking
  • Improve disaster preparedness and response
  • Transform lives and communities

Our Community Impact Specialists

Our Simon Solutions team uses our unique and collective community experiences, passion for people and problem-solving, as well as technology development skills, to co-create tools that assist the charitable work of any agency, church, organization or group of agencies.

What do we mean by co-create?  We carefully listen to our current users, as well as examine best practices and innovations to continually improve and expand our tools to meet our users’ needs. We don’t develop tools in a vacuum. Helping agencies inspire and inform our work every single day! We see every customer service interaction as an opportunity to serve, grow and learn.

Our partnerships with social service experts and innovative practitioners across the country. 

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