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CSFP Caseload Management Tips

This informative webinar from the USDA features multiple presenters, including Shelly Parks from San Diego Food Bank. Shelly and her team use Oasis Insight. At minute 39 of this webinar, Shelly talks about her work with Oasis Insight real time database for distribution and tracking. Webinar participants: Janell Walker, Carolyn Smalkowski, Mike McElhaney, and Shelly Parks.
December 13, 2018


Food Banks/Pantries


Shelly Parks
Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank
Shelly Parks, originally born in Minnesota, made San Diego home when she moved west to attend a Social Work Master’s program at San Diego State University. She has since gained her Licensure in Clinical Social Work and is most passionate about fighting hunger in the community – ensuring that all San Diegans have enough good, nutritious food to thrive.


  • Caseload & The Caseload Allocation Process- Carolyn Smalkowski
  • CSFP Caseload Management Best Practices for State Agencies- Mike McElhaney
  • CSFP Caseload Best Practices for Local Agencies- Shelly Parks