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How to Achieve Comprehensive Community Care

Let's talk about Collective Impact, Poverty Education for the Community & Service Directories! In this webinar, learn about the East Texas Human Needs Network (ETHNN) from director, Christina Fulsom. ETHNN brings human service agencies and organizations together for solutions where client voices are heard and the community at-large is educated through poverty simulations and workshops. ETHNN also administrates a comprehensive online community service directory, called 903Help, placing assistance information at people's fingertips. 903Help, developed in partnership with CharityTracker, includes a self-help form used by individuals in need of services, helping them make a comprehensive assessment and connect to services. Christina Fulsom is the Founder and CEO of the East Texas Human Needs Network (ETHNN). Christina has over 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience. She is devoted to creating community solutions to poverty by building cross-sector networks that listen to those in need, apply best practices, and build capacity through relationships. Under her leadership, ETHNN brought together a network of over 80 non-profit and government organizations under a collective impact model to reduce poverty. She implemented a curriculum for Understanding Poverty and published the online social services directory Christina earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature from Stephen F. Austin State University and a Nonprofit Leadership Certificate from Southern Methodist University.
Christina Fulsom
East Texas Human Needs Network

Improving the Social Determinants of Health & Community Collaboration Part 1

Hospitals and healthcare systems are moving into the community to collaborate with other organizations and churches for the benefit of their patients and overall community health, as well as their bottom line. CHI St. Joseph Health in Bryan, Texas is one such health system doing that and they are utilizing CharityTracker technology to meet their goals. Learn from Mary Clare Carden, Hospital Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Care, how to better serve people living in poverty; improve communication and move beyond just helping people cope with poverty but to move toward genuine opportunities for them to achieve and be valued. Learn how this Charity Tracker network shares resources and information in order to reduce re-admissions and expand the allocation of resources to those who need it the most in a timely manner. Mary Clare Carden has worked in healthcare for almost 30 years, starting as a Decision Analyst in 1990 with a Masters in Public Health/Hospital Administration and an MBA. She found her true calling in ministry as a hospital chaplain in 1998, and received Masters in Theology and Biblical Studies, completing her Residency at UCLA Medical Center and Neuropsychiatric Hospital. She is currently Director of Spiritual Care for CHI St. Joseph Health in Bryan, Texas. In Part 2 of the webinar on September 25, learn about the Brazos Health Resource Center, the hub for this CharityTracker network.
Mary Clare Carden
CHI St. Joseph Health

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