advancing a more networked, collaborative, and comprehensive approach to transforming lives and communities

What are they?

Transformation Roadmaps are comprehensive and streamlined processes that empower people to map-out their own successful journey from crisis to sustainability to abundant living.

Making this possible is increased cooperation among diverse helping agencies, comprehensive resource assistance, and innovative networking technology — providing everyone with greater access to knowledge and opportunities that can transform people's lives.

Integrated into the networking technology are assessments, outcomes, and referrals modules that make it easy for agencies to collectively monitor (in real-time) people's progress toward abundant living.

Transformation Roadmaps are a great opportunity for human and community development to work hand-in-hand to ensure successful outcomes. Now, it's possible for communities to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to live a healthier, more productive, and meaningful life.

HOW does this work?

Roadmaps (action plans) include customized assessments, practical goals, and objectives that are tailored to each person’s unique needs, hopes, and dreams.

A person’s ability to "work the plan" is carefully coordinated by a collaborative continuum of care that includes diverse helping agencies that specialize in various aspects of human and community development.

Thankfully, finding resources for those in need, a process which can take days, is now reduced to minutes because of real-time exchange of shared information.

Care networking technology streamlines communication and referrals among helping agencies — making sure that no one "falls through the cracks." 

All assistance, referrals, and outcomes are collectively monitored — making it easier for agencies to track a person's progress; and if needed, advise adjustments to the action plan.
Transformation Roadmaps provide a "win-win" opportunity for under-resourced people and the helping agencies that serve them — making sure everyone is satisfied with the results.

WHAT are the outcomes and impact?

Individuals and families are better cared for by a community-wide Resource Network of helping agencies that are well-connected by our networking technology. 

Our simple-to-use and customizable features streamline intake, assessments, and referrals.  All of this happens in real-time — making it easier for people to quickly connect with the care they need. 

We are excited about the recent launch of our new Community Resources Directory which provides everyone in a community with easier and broader access to information and resources. This "public" directory enables all community-minded individuals, organizations, and institutions to publish information about their programs and services for everyone in the community to see.

Our public directory features "search" capabilities, information about resources, and maps to local helping agencies. This saves people (especially those with limited transportation) time and effort from "running all over town" looking for help.

A well-connected Resource Network , along with our Community Resources Directory, gives everyone greater access to an abundant (but often unrecognized) wealth of local community assets.  And, with the coordinated support of helping agencies, people can get more than just a charitable handout

With helping agencies working together more efficiently and effectively, individuals and families can get a hand up to a better quality of life and brighter future.

Our "connecting" tools make it easier and mutually beneficial for nonprofits, churches, healthcare providers, and others to connect, learn from each other, and collaborate for the well-being of everyone in their community. 

A strong and broadly-distributed Resource Network relieves the stress upon helping agencies to "do more with less" — because community care is shared by many; not just a few. Improved communication and HIPAA-compliant information-sharing enable agencies to work together for common good and greater impact. 

Duplication is significantly reduced, as much as 91%. Agencies are more resourceful, saving 18% of their budgets on average.  And, they make better-informed decisions as how to allocate limited resources where they are most needed. This helps to sustain and advance their missions.

Our solutions have proven to increase funding from local citizens, foundations, and others. Donors and funders like knowing that the right resources, get into the right hands, at the right time.  And, they like it when helping agencies are cooperating with each other to achieve greater outcomes and impact.

Coupled with increased cooperation, our solutions empower all helping agencies throughout a community to collectively make a real and lasting difference that is oftentimes — unprecedented. The community-at-large gains a better understanding of people's needs, gaps in service, and innovative ways to develop collaborative solutions.

Oftentimes, our solutions have proven to "jump-start" and sustain community partnerships that use their combined strengths to tackle tough community challenges with greater force and success. These partnerships can pave the way for the development of multi-sector collaboratives that drive innovation, best practices, and collective impact.

We are learning that data-driven collaboratives are becoming the preferred choice for funders. Experts suggest that a time is coming when good intentions will simply not be enough. Many funders will want more assurance, substantiated by accurate data, that a whole community is becoming more resourceful and better able to achieve positive lasting results.

Fortunately, our solutions will help communities prepare for the present and future impact of "data-driven funding." We provide communities with the ability to broadly collect and analyze big data — which can measure outcomes at individual, organizational, and city-wide levels of engagement.  Accurate data and reports help communities discover what works, and what doesn't.

Increased cooperation, collaboration, and accurate community metrics enable communities to maximize their collective caring power; thereby, increasing their ability to transform more lives and their community.

HOW do you get started?

We have discovered that many communities, across the country, want to learn more about innovative and practical solutions that hold great promise for successfully "moving the needle" on poverty, food insecurity, and other complex challenges.

We have also discovered that most community stakeholders agree that improved communication and increased cooperation (among their helping agencies) are essential for transforming people's lives. Communities are looking for solutions that are simple-to-use, low-cost, and make sense to all stakeholders

Many stakeholders describe our care networking technology as a "Monday-morning solution" — a proven and powerful catalyst that can "get the ball rolling." To learn more how community impact solutions can make a difference in your community, give us a call at 888.764.0633.

Don't delay or wait for someone else to get things going. Please realize that what we do today, impacts how well our children (and grandchildren) handle their world tomorrow.