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The Need

Moving the Needle on Complex Challenges

Most communities struggle to "move the needle" on complex challenges — including poverty, hunger, health disparities, and more. Successfully addressing these challenges requires innovative and agile use of new capacity-building tools, including the following:

  • Care Networking Technology
  • Asset-based Community Development
  • Cross-sector Collaboration
  • Collective Community Impact

Maximizing Potential

Also needed, are skilled craftsmen (technical advisors) with expert knowledge and practical experience. Those who know how to effectively use new capacity-building tools in more powerful and productive ways — to transform lives and communities.

Community Impact Specialist

New Solutions are Emerging!

We are excited that many community stakeholders, from across the country, are evolving into Community Impact Specialists. Equipped with knowledge and experience in using new capacity-building tools, they are helping their communities discover cost-effective and evidenced-based solutions that really work. Communities are now building capacity for a "better together" civic culture that nurtures the following:


Increased connectivity among diverse helping agencies that drives the development of community partnerships and collective action.


A warm and friendly context where caregivers can share best practices and learn how to work together more efficiently and effectively.


A new community culture that supports innovation, broader civic engagement, and the co-creation of collaborative and lasting solutions.

We're here to help!

Working together, we can do this!

We can show you how to take the "next steps" to MAXIMIZE the collective caring power of your community.

We provide coaching and consulting through phone visits, email exchange, and “live” video presentations. These provide education and motivation that encourages your whole community to get involved in developing practical solutions that make a real and lasting difference. 

Community Impact Specialists

Mike Simon



CIS Coach & Trainer
Simon Solutions
Florence, AL
Mike Simon



CIS Coach & Trainer
Simon Solutions
Florence, AL

We can serve as a resource person or technical advisor to you, and most likely, for free. Why? Because we are mission-driven and truly care about community — its people, potential, and possibilities.

Community Impact Specialist (CIS) Training Program

CIS training is available to those who welcome the challenge of educating their community to work together for common good and greater impact. All training happens via online video presentations, live webinars, and phone consultation.

Upon completion of the training program, participants become a certified Community Impact Specialist with Simon Solutions. For more information, contact Mike Simon at or call 256-764-0633.

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