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Technology Helping San Diego Pilot More Dignified & Equitable Food Program

March 14, 2020
Through coordination and implementation of an Oasis Insight pilot program, the food banks in San Diego decreased the wait time for clients from hours in line to just minutes, as well as introduced their food distribution partner agencies to: shared case management; ID cards with scanning and appointment system; and improved agency reporting functions. This case study features the solutions and continued possibilities these two food banks are exploring through their collaboration and Oasis network.

Kelsey Ellis, Feeding America San Diego; Shelly Parks, Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank

Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank
San Diego, CA
Feeding America San Diego
San Diego, CA
Krista Petty
Simon Solutions
Food Banks/Pantries
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About the Author:

Krista Petty serves as Community Connector for Simon Solutions Inc, writing case studies and facilitating capacity-building webinars. She is also a speaker, trainer and writer with a background in missions, equipping volunteers, and community collaboration. She resides in Spirit Lake, Iowa with her husband, Steve.

Krista Petty
Simon Solutions

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