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All of us at Simon Solutions truly care about community — its people, potential, and possibilities.

We believe that "everyone matters" and should be given the opportunity to thrive physically, emotionally, educationally, financially, socially, and spiritually. 

And, local communities should have the resources and skills necessary to help people achieve stability and success — if those resources are used wisely, creatively and collaboratively.

We know the work is hard.

We understand that most helping agencies struggle to maintain a constant flow of resources to sustain and advance their missions. Most, with limited staff and resources, cannot keep pace with the increased demand for services — forcing them to do morewith less

Also, people's needs are becoming more complex and beyond the scope of most agencies; which oftentimes, are vastly disconnected and don't talk to each other — resulting in resource gaps throughout a community. Because of this, many children, youth, and adults go without access to effective programs and services that can transform their lives.

Now is the time!

We hear it all across the country that now is the time for neighbors, churches, charities, businesses, elected officials, and others to come together to increase communication, cooperation, and resourcefulness in their communities.

Community-wide forums (learning conversations) are needed to help everyone better understand people's needs and broadly identify available resources. Also, communities need to involve all stakeholders (resource providers and recipients) in co-creating solutions that really work; and then, make them work for more people.

For this to happen, communities (as a whole) need to become better connected. And, they need to learn how to discover, develop, and deploy new capacities that enable them to quickly adapt to constantly changing and complex societal needs. These new capacities include:

  • Distributed Transformative Networking
  • Multi-sector Conversations and Collaboration
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Asset-based Community Development
  • Data-driven Resource Development and Decision-making
These will help communities create and sustain an empowering "learning environment" that is conductive for knowledge-sharing, collective-wisdom, continuous innovation, and transformation.
We want to do our part.
We simply want to do our part in making a real and lasting difference in people's lives. We suggest that the innovative ways helping agencies use our tools is part and parcel of needed systemic changes that make sense to all stakeholders.

Our hopes are to connect with others who share similar passion and mission for transforming lives and communities. We welcome the chance to build meaningful relationships with people (of faith and goodwill) who see the value in working together.

We also want to engage in "learning conversations" that are less about what's wrong and how do we fix it; but more about, what's possible, and who cares enough to act.

Networking Makes the Difference

We provide all different types of helping agencies with innovative technology tools that enable them to build capacity for a more networked, collaborative, and comprehensive approach to transforming lives and communities.

This approach provides more efficient and effective ways for agencies to keep track of the people and families they serve, while connecting agencies with one another.

Helping agencies use our tools to build well-connected and broadly-distributed Resource Networks that quickly identify and mobilize resources, from across the community, in real-time. Our tools also help agencies to create community-wide systems of referrals, communication, and shared-case management.

Agencies are better able to coordinate resources, because they are doing their work together, COLLECTIVELY making an impact.

By increasing connectivity and cooperation, communities are becoming more resourceful by reducing duplication by as much as 91%. And, they are becoming more responsive by making better-informed decisions as how to allocate limited resources where they are most needed.

We are excited that communities, across the country, use our tools to innovate and build capacity for the following:
  • become more efficient — doing things right.
  • become more effective — doing the right things.
  • become more strategic — getting the right results.

Helping Systems are Transforming

In order to paint the "big picture" of the emerging innovative use and value of our technology tools, we have decided to use a new term — Distributed Transformative Networking (DTN). To learn more as to why we have chosen this term, CLICK HERE.

We believe DTN holds great promise for transforming community-wide Helping Systems (delivery systems) from a social service to a social change model — which can make a real and lasting difference in people's lives.

A social service model can be quite stable and reliable at providing programs and services. However, most agencies, due to a lack of resources, are forced to adopt a single-focused approach to addressing complex community challenges. Unfortunately, this approach can be dysfunctional where "good intentions are simply not enough."

A social change model builds upon the practicality of a social service model and takes it to a whole new realm of effectiveness — providing more flexible and adaptive solutions for people's complex and changing needs. This community-focused approach leverages the collective mobilization of community-wide resources (asset-based community development) and is driven by transformative processes that are deeply embedded with caregiving (not just service-providing).

These processes are empowered by meaningful relationships and self-motivation. And with real-time networking technology, these processes can be constantly monitored for progress, accurately measured for success, and easily adjusted for effectiveness.

A social change model helps people thrive — not just survive.

Social SERVICE Model

single-focused approach
Fragmented & Limited
Transactional (handout)
Duplication of Efforts
Isolated Impact

Social CHANGE Model

community-focused approach
Collaborative & Comprehensive
Transformational (hand up)
Coordinated Efforts
Collective Impact

Technology & Capacity Building

Through simple, secure web applications, called CharityTracker and Oasis Insight, multiple helping agencies are able to:

  • connect and coordinate, saving time and money by reducing duplication of efforts.
  • share data and case management, while maintaining autonomy and various levels of privacy.
  • produce agency and community-wide reports to increase their funding and measure results.
  • track a person's progress in moving from crisis to sustainability.

Through capacity-building resources, such as Webinars and Case Studies, we advance community collaboration and transformation across the United States. We connect innovative leaders to one another to:

  • share best practices.
  • teach new uses of technology, data and reporting.
  • introduce new models of empowerment leading to individual and community transformation.
Our simple-to-use, cost-effective tools increase communication and cooperation among all helping agencies. 
This makes it easier for them to work together more efficiently and effectively to address complex community challenges including:
  • Combat poverty, hunger, and homelessness
  • Improve coordinated care and community health
  • Stop human trafficking
  • Improve disaster preparedness and response
  • Transform lives and communities
CharityTracker Shared Case Management System provides a proven data solution for successful service delivery across communities. Components include data sharing, service and resource management, and customization that helps not only alleviate poverty but also get the most value out of a community’s resources.
— Quinn Schipper, Stillwater Cares, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Our Simon Solutions Team

Our team is made up of innovative software developers and community impact specialists. We are a mission-driven (not profit-driven) team with great passion for serving others.

We are also a "learning organization" that constantly studies emerging trends and cutting-edge solutions that are practical and effective. What we learn — we share (via case studies, webinars, and consultation) with others across the country.

We bring together our unique and collective community experiences, passion for people and problem-solving, as well as technology development skills, to co-create tools that assist the charitable work of any agency, church, organization or group of agencies.

What do we mean by co-create?  We carefully listen to our current users, as well as examine best practices and innovations to continually improve and expand our tools to meet our users’ needs. We don’t develop tools in a vacuum.

Helping Agency staff and volunteers inspire and inform our work every single day! We see every customer service interaction as an opportunity to serve, grow and learn.

Mike Simon
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Greg Hammond
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Joey Yarber
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We also partner with leading experts and innovative practitioners, across the country, in the development of our community impact solutions.

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